Miller Lite

Miller Lite is the Original Light Beer. Brewed using our special 21-day Triple Hops Brewing recipe, it delivers more golden color, hops, aroma, and satisfying taste than anyone would expect in a light beer. Let’s round up the guys and crack open some Lites. It’s Miller Time. »


Coors Light

Coors Light, the World's Most Refreshing Beer, was introduced in 1978, Coors Light has been a favorite in delivering the ultimate in cold refreshment for more than 25 years. Coors Light's unique frost-brewing process locks in a taste as cold as the Rockies. The simple, silver-toned can caught people's attention and the brew was nicknamed the "Silver Bullet" as sales climbed. »


Keystone Light

Keystone Light is a triple-filtered American-style light lager. Or as we like to say, it’s the smoothest of smooth. Keystone Light has a clean, crisp taste and smooth finish, making it the beer of choice for those who want to grab life by the ‘Stones. »


Miller High Life

In a world that keeps selling us bigger, wider and more blinged-out, the High Life is about knowing that sometimes expensive is just expensive. It’s not about being a cheapskate. It’s about seeing past the nonsense, recognizing all of life’s little inexpensive luxuries and enjoying them to the fullest. Seek out the things that make life feel rich and celebrate with the Champagne of Beers, Miller High Life. »


Milwaukee's Best Light

Milwaukee's Best Light features premium taste, without the premium price. Milwaukee's Best Light aspires to be the best choice to share because it believes that the best times are spent kicking back with friends and enjoying a quality beer. »


Pabst Blue Ribbon

This is the original Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Nature's choicest products provide its prized flavor. Only the finest of hops and grains are used. Selected as America's Best in 1893. »



Crisp like an apple, but brewed like an ale, Redd's Apple Ale is an apple flavored golden ale with low malt and bitterness cues. With a crisp clean finish that allows the natural apple flavor to come through, this ale is for those times when you are looking to pick different. »



Hamm's, first brewed in 1865, is America's classic premium beer, "Born in the Land of Sky Blue Waters." Hamm's is brewed in true family tradition using the purest water and the choicest barley malt, grain and hops. Hamm's has a low to moderate body and bitterness and a low to moderate hoppy aroma.


Blue Moon

At Blue Moon Brewing Company, everything we do flows from our artistic approach to brewing. We craft our beers with flavorful ingredients and wheat for an inviting taste and a smooth finish that are perfect for enjoying the moment with friends. »


Coors Banquet

Brewed with premium ingredients, and state of the art stubbornness. Brewed in the only place worthy of this beer, the Rocky Mountains. Since 1873, Coors Banquet hasn't changed. As long as the Rocky Mountain water flows, so does this legend. »


Killian's Irish Red

George Killian’s Irish Red has a rich amber color and inviting aroma of toffee and caramel. The slow-roasted malts give Killian’s its full flavor that starts off with a delicious nutty flavor and ends delightfully smooth. »


Miller 64

Miller64 celebrates the you that takes the stairs. The you that wakes up early every Saturday to play softball. Miller64 won't undo the effort you put in - we're brewed for the better you. »


Miller Genuine Draft

Miller Genuine Draft utilizes an innovative cold filtering process that allows us to capture fresh draft taste in every bottle. So no matter where the night takes you, count on Fresh Draft Taste, every time. »



Icehouse is ice brewed below freezing resulting in the formation of actual ice crystals, delivering the bold, never watered down taste that you can enjoy each time you drink an ice cold Icehouse. »


Old Milwaukee

Brewed since 1849 Old Milwaukee is a beer with history. Old Milwaukee is a trusted, high quality beer that continually receives national awards and accolades from beer experts and festivals across America. »


Miller Fortune

Miller Fortune is a premium golden lager undistilled at 6.9% ABV. it boasts a rich, malty aroma, light body, and a crisp clean finish. Balanced, yet unexpectedly bold. »



A full-bodied American lager unlike most, Stroh's beer sports a craft brew pedigree. Enriched with hop varieties usually found only in craft brews, Stroh's lager offers a distinct and distinguished taste with a preponderance of Cascade and Willamette hops from the great Northwest. Pungent and pleasing, Stroh's stands apart from the usual lager taste profile in flavor, but not in alcohol. »



Founded in 1878, The Genesee Brewing Company, based in Rochester, New York, is one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the United States. The Brewery makes the Genesee line of beers, including the iconic Genesee, the refreshing Genny Light, and the original Genesee Cream Ale. »


Third Shift

Third Shift is a series of no-nonsense beers, full-flavored and easy drinking without the high price or pretense. Made by hardworking guys for those who know & appreciate what it means to work the third shift... You've had dark, full-flavored beers. You've had light, easy-drinking beer, too. We think beer should be both. In fact, we won't make ours any other way. Great beer never takes a night off. »


Old Style

Old Style is a beer that revives the crisp rich freshness of a classic Pilsner: light in color and body, medium in aroma and bitterness, full flavored with a delicate aftertaste. »


Little Kings

Little King Original Cream Ale follows the same tried and true recipe that has delighted the masses since 1958. Light, refreshing with a hint of malt and hops, Little Kings has a smooth body and texture with a slightly sweet finish. »


Batch 19

We found exactly what you were looking for. A hoppy, yet surprisingly balanced, lager that’s based on a 100+-year-old recipe. It’s brewed with a rare combination of Hersbrucker and Strisselspalt hops but has the decency to respect your palate with a balanced malt finish. »



Brewed in the USA since 1849, Schlitz defines timeless taste. Crisp and light with a faint sweetness, the beer that made Milwaukee famous is finished with a prime blend of Cascade, Mt. Hood and Williamette hops. This refreshing icon is for those who appreciate heritage and premium craftsmanship. »



Dos Equis

The beer with two Xís gives you two great choices. Dos Equis Lager is fresh, crisp and golden. Itís more like a pilsner than a traditional lager. Dos Equis Ambar is a traditional Vienna style amber lager with a rich big flavor. Stay thirsty my friends!
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Bohemia Beer was originally launched into the market at the turn of the 20th century. Bohemia Beer is a premium lager with a reputation for quality. The name Bohemia comes from the Czech Eastern Bohemia region. The Czech Emperor in Vienna sent a Czech brew master to Mexico to teach the Mexicans how to brew beer. Bohemia is considered by many to be the finest beer produced in Mexico. Bohemia is an elaborate beer that caters to those consumers that know about beer.


Carta Blanca

One of the oldest Mexican beers, Carta Blanca takes its name from the French "carte blanche". Carta Blanca beer is meant as a token of thanks and respect to customers.



A clear sunny morning just outside Mexico City in 1899. The rays of the sun creep over a brewing pot, inspiring the German brew master, to name his beer ìEl Solî, Spanish for the sun. By 11924 this clear, smooth and refreshing beer had become an essential beverage for the people of Mexico and already two breweries were required to meet the demand. It was then that it was re-named simply ìSolî. A lot has changed since 1924 including subtle changes to the classic Sol bottle design. Although one thing has remained the same-the need for Solís unique ice-cold refreshment.
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Tecate is a popular Mexican beer named for the city of Tecate, Baja California, where it was first produced. It is sold in both distinctive red aluminium tins and in twist-top bottles. Try it with lime and some salt.
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Labatt Blue

Labatt Blue is the best-selling Canadian beer in the world and the No. 1 Canadian beer sold in the U.S. Introduced in 1951, fans of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football team nicknamed the beer "Blue" for the color of its label. The beer earned a 2004 Gold Medal in the World Beer Cup and also won a silver medal in the International Lager category at the 1998 Brewing Industry International Awards. Labatt Blue offers a clean, refreshing taste, light color, slight hop aroma, good balance, fruity character and a slightly sweet taste.
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Molson Canadian

The signature Canadian export, brewed with Canadian water and the highest-quality hops and barley. The classic award-winning lager is the true taste of Canada.
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Thereís more to Moosehead than the pretty face. Sure the moose icon is unique, creative, and striking. But itís only a part of Moosehead lager. Thereís also the Award-Winning taste of the beer, the excellent brewing standards and a long, rich history. Straight from Canadaís oldest independent brewer, try a Moosehead. And if your in the mood, try doing a moose call.
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Red Stripe

One of the fastest growing beers in the U.S., Red Stripe beer is found in excellent shops and bars all over the country. (If you donít see it, donít keep it to yourself. Ask for it!) Red Stripe and Jamaica are getting increased international exposure. Hooray international! The very magnificent Ambassador is our proud Red StripeÆ advertising spokesman. He is also from Jamaica. Hooray Beer!
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Adored since 1759, it's the powerful surge and settle that gives GUINNESSÆ Draught beer its uniqueness. Lovingly poured around the world, GUINNESSÆ Draught is one of best-selling imported beers in the USA.
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Harp Lager

Harpís distinctive, refreshing taste has earned it six gold medals in the famous annual Monde Selection beer tasting competition. It is Northern Irelandís number one lager. Harp is brewed using golden barley and the choicest hops to give a smooth satisfying lager taste. In blind taste testing research in Ireland, Harp receives most favored status time after time.
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Smithwickís is Irelandís number one ale. Its exceptional taste, distinctive color and purity of ingredients make it unique. Its rich, satisfying taste has earned it five gold medals in the famous Monde Selection Beer Tasting Competition. Smithwickís is produced using the finest hops and special roasted, malted barley. In 1998 a new enhanced draught product with improved head retention was launched along with redesigned glassware.
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Since 1856 Murphyís has been brewing this beer with pale & chocolate malts and roasted barley to create a delicious Dry Stout resulting in a silky clean and crisp flavor that will take your right to the heart of Ireland. Pour one, watch it cascade up the glass and enjoy.
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Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, by Jim Porter after three years of developing this special brew. Almost immediately after its release, Newcastle Brown won the gold medal at the International Brewers' Exhibition in London in 1928.
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The Netherlands
Wherever you go, it's always nice to see something you recognize, the green bottle, the red star and the smiling 'e', telling you instantly what's inside: cold, fresh, quality Heineken enjoyed around the world since 1873. Available in Grant Co.
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Heineken Light

The Netherlands
Heineken Premium Light is best enjoyed in the company of friends. Because no matter whoís buying, youíre sharing that smooth, refreshing taste that everyone can appreciate. From the ingredients to the brewing process to the heritage of the Heineken Brand, we make sure every Heineken Premium Light is good enough to share. Available in Grant Co.
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The Netherlands
Grolsch is imported from the Netherlands, where it has developed through nearly four centuries of brewing tradition. Grolsch Premium Lager is a classic, well-balanced European Pilsner crafted with three varieties of barley malts and a unique blend of hops. Brewed using a unique double fermentation process, it features a fresh, hoppy note, a mild citric fruity taste and a long, delicate finish.
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Amstel Light

The Netherlands
Amstel Light is the #1 imported light beer in the United States. It features a unique selection of raw materials and an intensive fermenting process. The result is a special light beer containing only 3.5% alcohol and approximately 35% fewer calories than regular lager beer but is every bit as refreshing. Available in Grant Co.
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Any way you serve it, youíll love it. Thatís because in every beer we brew there are 14 main categories, 44 sub-categories, and 100 nuances of taste and smell in every drop. We recommend that you serve your Carlsberg slightly chilled, preferable with a friend: Sharing your Carlsberg with friends is more than sharing a great tasting beer. Itís about friendship, old memories, and memories to come. Weíve been brewing your beer since 1847óso isnít it time you shared us with your friends?
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Estrella Damm

Since 1876, when Alsatian August Kuentzmann Damm founded the company bearing his name, numerous generations of master brewers have perfected this lager until it has become a landmark in the world of beers. This lager beer with a universally appreciated character and taste is ideal for drinking at any time. Its high quality is due to the finest selection of raw materials and the meticulous brewing process. It stands out for its creamy hops-flavoured froth and refreshing taste.
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Hacker-Pschorr Weisse, the brandís flagship style, is a wheat beer from Bavaria that offers a refreshing taste for those who enjoy real beer. It has a mildly fruity taste and cloudy golden color. The result of the masterful brewing process and heritage is a taste that is authentic, crisp and perfect all year-round. And when itís topped with the thick, rich head from a masterful pour, the appearance is tantalizing.



This Schwarzbier has specially finished malted barely that gives Kostritzer the unique specialty of fine malt flavor. The lively and elegant character creates a unique taste experience. Enjoy Germany's favorite black beer. »



A world class traditional pilsner, Warsteiner Premium Verum is a slightly pale German-style pilsner with a clean, crisp, refreshing import taste. Warsteiner is brewed with fresh Arnsberger Forest spring water sourced at the brewery in Warstein, Germany, naturally soft water that helps to create the smooth taste and thick creamy head. Warsteiner truly is The Premium German Beer. Brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.
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A mature and most agreeable beer that is brewed with the best of ingredients in the same traditional way it has been for many, many years. The result is delicately tart and pleasantly bitter with a strong hop taste. »



The origin of the name Natsro Azurro comes from the contest of the blue ribbon. The Blue Ribbon was a prize given to the fastest ship to cross the Atlantic. At that time, Peroni wanted something that said ìThey were the best!î For that reason they launched Peroni Nastro Azurro and linked the name to the prize. They are so dedicated to being the best they own and operate their own maltery to make 100% sure they brew the best lager beer. Try one and taste the Italian legend.
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Pilsner Urquell

Czech Republic
The flavor or Pilsner Urquell begins with the intense taste of the Saaz hops, which blends with the malty sweetness of the barley to produce a harmonious bitterness and creamy body. Itís unique taste has meant Pilsner Urquell has, both now and in the past, scooped a plethora of top international awards, and is consistently rated by critics as one of the worldís very finest brews.
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Since its debut in Japan in 1987 as the first ìKARAKUCHIî (dry) beer, Asahi has set the new de facto standard in Japanese brewing.
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The Foster Brothers, William & Ralph, created Fosterís to be served cold in Melbourne back in 1887. They were so dedicated to delivering the great taste of Fosterís Lager the way it should be enjoyed, they even sold their beer with ice to keep Australiaís warm environment at bay. Today, more than 120 years later, the bold, refreshing Australian beer is available in more than 150 countries, making it the largest selling Australian beer brand in the world.
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Malt Beverage


A hard day calls for a hard lemonade. The ultimate refresher, Mike's Hard Lemonade combines natural lemon flavors with a kiss of carbonation to deliver a nice, satisfying, "Ahhhh." Followed by a nice, satisfying kick. Mike's also makes a variety of other flavors. »


Seagram's Escapes

Seagram’s Escapes will inspire you to Keep It Colorful and to make every get-together, big or small, more creative, fun and totally you. »



With their different product lines, Smirnoff has something for everyone. Ice the original Premium Malt Beverage that started it all with its light, refreshing citrus flavor. The Smirnoff flavored brands each bring a unique smooth taste.


Four Loko

A crazy delicious drink available in 9 amazing flavors! Join the #LokoNation & Drink Responsibly, Four Loko Premium Malt Beverage. »


Twisted Tea

Since 2001, our Tea brewmasters (yes, their job is as cool as it sounds) have been committed to brewing a hard iced tea that not only tastes like real iced tea but also delivers an incredibly smooth and refreshing drinking experience. »


Blast by Colt 45

Blast by Colt 45 is a fruit-flavored premium malt beverage with a kick that is uniquely Colt 45. Blast comes in two unique packages and four phenomenal fruit flavors that you can drink straight up, serve over ice, or enjoy with your favorite mixer. »


Cayman Jack Margarita

It's not hard to make a good margarita. But there's only one way to make the best margarita: with honest, natural ingredients discovered around the world. »



The JOOSE ® brand comes in three unique product lines, JOOSE Malt Beverage, JOOSE Margaritas, and JOOSE cocktails. JOOSE ® alcohol contents range from 8-12%. »


Great America

Brewed and bottled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in North Carolina. Great America was born from tradition and raised by a new breed of greatness. This new beverage brings the taste of the past and combines it with a modern attitude to give it a flavor all it’s own. »


Parrot Bay Freeze and Squeeze

Bring the taste of vacation to your home with new Parrot Bay Freeze and Squeeze cocktails. Just one sip and you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise.


TGI Friday's Frozen Cocktails

Inspired by the classic cocktails that T.G.I. Friday’s has been mixing for 45 years, T.G.I. Friday’s Frozen Cocktails offer that same authentic bartender taste in a new disposable pouch. The T.G.I. Friday’s Frozen Cocktails flavors are frosty favorites with a twist.


Moskato Life

Moskato Life is a progressive adult beverage that represents attainable luxury with the perfect combination of light carbonation and sweetness. »


Malt Liquor


A favorite among malt liquor drinkers, Magnum delivers smooth, refreshing beer taste and enjoyment in a malt liquor.


Steel Reserve

The two eleven mark, based on the medieval symbol for steel, appears only on Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager. They use nearly twice the ingredients of many normal lagers & brew for over twice as long as many quality beers. »



Mickey's is the fine malt liquor with a full body, moderate bitterness and a fruity aroma. Its unique Big Mouth 12-ounce bottle is one of its key equities. Enjoy the goodness inside the Green Grenade. »


Old English

Olde English 800 is one of America's leading malt liquor brands. Commonly referred to as OE800, it offers smooth, rich taste with a slightly fruity aroma that is a favorite among malt liquor drinkers. OE wears the crown because it is the King of Malt Liquors.


Colt 45

Slightly sweet and super smooth, COLT 45 is the malt liquor that works every time. »



Coors Non-Alcohlic

Introduced in 1997 this premium non-alcoholic brew is a great alternative to premium beers.



When you want the taste and refreshment of a beer, but without the alcohol, have a Sharp's. Sharp's is a non-alcohol alternative to premium beers. The patented Ever-CoolÆ brewing process allows Sharp's to be brewed at a lower temperature, minimizing production of alcohol and giving Sharp's the great taste of beer.



Kaliber is a premium non-alcoholic ale style brew imported from the makers of Guinness. The rich amber color and full-body delivers all the taste of a beer with less alcohol.



Most breweries make NAís the same way, by removing the alcohol after the beer is brewed, using dialysis and reverse-osmosis. Clausthaler uses a carefully guarded, patented process to prevent the formation of fermentable maltose. Once that's done, beer yeast that's been specifically cultured for Clausthaler is added to the brewing process. The result is a low-alcohol beer (around .45 percent, by volume) that has all the flavor of a classic German lager. It's a crisp and refreshing beer, with a pleasant bitterness that will have you forgetting that you're drinking an NA. The crisp flavor of Clausthaler also makes this beer a perfect complement for summer cookouts.
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Mad Croc

Mad Croc is designed to give you energy when you need it and help you accomplish whatever it is that appears monumental. Maybe thatís cleaning up after a not so little party. Or maybe itís working late cleaning up in aisle six when everyone else is headed for happy hour. Whatever it is, Mad Croc can help.
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CL-ONE energy drink is an energizer, formulated for periods of extra demand on body and mind. (It also taste strikingly similar to the drink with wings) Drink at sports, exams, or as a general pick me up during your busy day or night. Itís an energy drink for smarter people!
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1919 Classic American Root Beer

America's Original Brewery Root Beer! Made with real sugar and real vanilla, 1919 Classic American Root Beer is the creamiest, full - bodied, draft root beer on the market today. In addition, it is 100% alcohol-free and contains no caffeine!
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Henry Weinhard's Soda

The oldest continuously operating brewery in the western United States, Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company was founded by German immigrant Henry Weinhard in 1856 near Fort Vancouver, in what was then the Oregon territory. Thirsty soldiers, trappers, loggers, miners and pioneer settlers were his customer base. Weinhard's had been family-owned since its inception until it was purchased in 1982. Although known for their beer Henry Weinhard's created four great tasting gourmet sodas: Henry Weinhard's Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Orange Cream.


Specialty Cider

Strongbow Cider

Strongbow is a crisp, premium imported cider from the U.K. which delivers maximum refreshment in an authentic, traditional English recipe. Strongbow is built on the promise of maximum refreshment of body and mind. With its clean refreshing taste and striking livery, Strongbow appeals to import beer drinkers everywhere. »


Woodchuck Cider

America's #1 Selling Premium Draft Cider, is the perfect accompaniment when friends get together to have fun. Light, Smooth and easy to drink, each Woodchuck style combines the tradition of English and Irish hard ciders with an All-American spirit of refreshment. Woodchuck Draft Ciders? are hand-crafted for you in small batches using only the finest quality ingredients. It's a recipe our ancestors have been using to brew delicious ciders for centuries. »


Specialty Craft

Hop City

As brewers, there are few things more rewarding than when you’re told your beer is really, really good. That’s why we’re so damn proud Barking Squirrel Lager won the Gold Medal for North American Style Amber Lager at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards, the premiere competition for judging the quality of Canadian brewed beer. Barking Squirell & Mr Huff can be found in our market. Visit the website>>


Samuel Adams

Boston, Massachusetts
Samuel Adams is America's leading brewer of handcrafted, full-flavored beers. With over 20 distinctive, award-winning styles of beer, Samuel Adams offers discerning beer drinkers a variety of brews. The brewery has won more awards in international beer-tasting competitions in the last five years than any other brewery in the world.
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Leinenkugel Brewing Company

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, the seventh-oldest brewery in the United States, is the oldest business in Chippewa Falls and one of the oldest in the state. Their commitment and tradition of brewing quality products is matched only by the wants of generations of genuine beer-loving customers. Today Leinenkugel's brews 6 year-round and 3 seasonal brews and is distributed in over 27 states, primarily in the Upper Midwest.
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New Beligum Brewing

Fort Collins, CO
They've been putting the NEW in BELGIUM since 1991. It starts with the Belgian brewing tradition of ignoring tradition. Add in Belgian brewmaster Peter Bouckaert and his imaginative blend of brewing delicious beers with loads of character and aspiring ingredients; and finish with the all-deserving, ever-enhancing New Belgium Beer Glass. All together you get delicious beers, and environmentally conscious people.
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Magic Hat

South Burlington, Vermont
Saying this brewer is unique is an understatement. Different than anyone in the business, Magic Hat bases their business on a simple premise. Brew world class and constantly strive to improve. With out of this world brews like #9, Circus Boy, and their ever changing Odd Notion, it is easy to see why Magic hat is one of the hottest craft brewers around. Try one of their great elixirs and find out what the buzz is about.
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Upland Brewing Company

Bloomington, Indiana
Located in downtown Bloomington, just a few blocks from the Courthouse square, Upland brews handcrafted award winning beers. As Indiana's largest microbrewer, you can find Upland beers in better stores, taverns, and restaurants throughout the state of Indiana.
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New Holland Brewing Company

Holland, Michigan
Located in Holland Michigan, this brewery has gotten a lot of recognition in a very short period of time. Founded in 1996 New Holland exists to enhance their customers quality of life by providing the most remarkable experience possible. They strive to discover and empower an artistic approach in all aspects of their craft. With a great portfolio of brews that continue to gain popularity, this brewery is a must try for any beer drinker.
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North Coast Brewing

Fort Bragg, California
A pioneer in the craft beer movement, opened in 1988 as a local brewpub in the historic town of Fort Bragg, located on Californiaís Mendocino Coast. Under the leadership of brew master Mark Ruedrich, the brewery has developed a strong reputation for quality having won more than 70 awards in national and international competitions. These exceptional beers are available in 46 states now and also are exported to Europe and the Pacific Rim.
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Southern Tier Brewing

Lakewood, New York
Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, New York, has been in operation since 2004, and currently produces over 12,000 barrels annually. Since the beginning, Southern Tier has experienced steady growth, currently distributing to over 34% of the United States. BeerAdvocate magazine has listed the brewery in the top 50 American Breweries in their June 2007 issue. Of nearly 1400 breweries and brew pubs in the US, being named the top 2.5% (35th) is quite an achievement for the young company. ëUnearthlyí was also named the 81st ìBest Beer in the Worldî by BeerAdvocate in their May 2007 issue.
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Shiner, Texas
From its earliest time under the Shiner Brewing Association in 1909, to that fateful day in 1914 when Kosmos Spoetzl saw an opportunity to bring classic Bavarian brewing traditions to his fellow immigrants, through the ìGreat Experimentî of the Prohibition and Great Depression, the ìLittle Breweryî has stuck to what they know best ñ handcrafting the finest beer!
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J.W. Dundee

Dundee Ales and Lagers represents our craft brewing heritage. We proudly brew several year-round styles for any taste and occasion, such as Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Pale Bock, and Porter. Multiple times a year, we help you celebrate the coming season with seasonal styles such as our popular Oktoberfest and Festive Ale. In the Dundee family of Ales and Lagers, every beer is the perfect choice - depending on your mood, your mindset, or your meal. Just be yourself and choose.
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Honey Brown

First introduced in 1994 and widely popular in the late 90s, The Original Honey Brown is mounting a comeback. Credited as one of the first beers to add honey, The Original Honey Brown sold like wildfire. Made with clear water, barley malt, hops and pure Manitoba White Clover honey, its distinctive taste won over beer fans quickly. ìIt developed somewhat of a cult following,î said John Fischer, brewmaster for The Original Honey Brown. ìSixteen years ago, it was a very new idea among American craft brewers to use honey as a beer ingredient and people loved it.î