Specialty Cider

Vander Mill

With humble beginnings as a cider mill in 2006 with a 5,000-square-foot building, Vander Mill began distributing their cider products in 750 ml. glass bottles in 2008 and in draft kegs. Vander Mill is now distributing their hard cider varieties in convenience and grocery stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. “We are going to continue our focus on innovation and creativity with our ciders,” Paul Vander Heide, Owner, said. “But we wanted to take a few of our core products and make them more accessible to customers.”
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Black Dragon Meadery

During the 2006 and 2007 seasons, the Black Dragon Inn had accomplished renoun in the Western Realms. The expert chefery of its Innkeeper, Pete Wylde, and his randy meads during the now famous Black Dragon Inn Saturday Night tasting parties, have served up a treasure trove of goodwill and fellowship among all who know him and his Inn. During the last year of the BDI, Pete started winning awards at various home and amateur competitions. The Meadery opened in Spring 2015 and started bringing their delicious meads to the public.
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Angry Orchard

Once upon a time cider was the drink of choice. We've been making cider for decades... Now we want to share them with you. Branch out and experience you Angry Orchard.
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Woodchuck Cider

Woodchuck Premium Draft Cider, is the perfect accompaniment when friends get together to have fun. Light, Smooth and easy to drink, each Woodchuck style combines the tradition of English and Irish hard ciders with an All-American spirit of refreshment. Woodchuck Draft Ciders? are hand-crafted for you in small batches using only the finest quality ingredients. It's a recipe our ancestors have been using to brew delicious ciders for centuries.
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J.K.'s Cider

Flushing, Michigan
After the harvest, we press our organic apples and allow them to slowly ferment for up to six months. We then carefully hand-fill and label each bottle and let it age for several weeks to properly condition. We strive to make the best cider possible using these old methods and the traditional family recipe. There will be slight variations from bottle to bottle and year to year. This is a natural product.
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